Less Bra

Happy New Year! I know it’s already the 18th of January and I’ve been so busy these past few weeks. So here’s my first entry for this new blog ; I started my year off with me being bra-less for a day .

Yep, you read that right. And no, it’s not the bra-less for a day to stay and to be so cozy in my room all day. I actually went out, reported to work without wearing a bra. I know that this sounds too weird but it was one of the things in my bucket list. And I am so grateful I did it so I could cross it out (I did) and move on to other things written in there.

I did it two weeks ago when I could not find a good boobs support. I decided to just DO it that day, for the sake of my kabaliwan satisfaction. I wore a pair of dark blue pants (I had undies, okay) and a black band shirt. I was convincing myself to act like nothing is missing. I don’t have much boobs but I can feel them hanging under my shirt. Actually, it’s very comfortable. We all girls know how relaxing it is to take off our bras after wearing them all day – it was just like that feeling. But at the same time, I was worried because of the fact that I didn’t have bra and people might notice it. Also a bit worried that my boobs might be in pain later in the day since they didn’t have support.

So I came to the office and went home and guess what?! No one noticed it. And it was not painful at all …but I felt very uneasy.
Was it fun? -Yes!
Would you do it again? – NO!!
At least I was able to experience it and thankful that nobody pointed a finger at my chest and said “You’re not wearing bra! haha”.  To be honest, I enjoyed it and I felt somehow confident with my body. It’s sort of an achievement, you know. Or maybe I am just too weird to do this kind of crazy stuff.

PS. I know this is weird as my very first entry.
PSS. I went to the beach last week and it was way more fun than this bra-less for a day


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