“But you said Japa..”
“I know I told you I like Japanese food – Tonkatsu, tempura, okonomiyaki, takoyaki.
Not fucking sushi. I hate sushi!
You could’ve asked me what Japanese food I want!”
Right after that you walked out of the door and said “I’m gonna buy Japanese food.”
But I know what you really meant was an instant cup noodle.

20 minutes have passed and you’re not coming home yet. I am so worried that you won’t bring me a cup of instant ramen. But hey, I’ve got all these sushi to eat by myself. *smiles*
“You’re oh so weird and serious and moody all the time and I still wonder why I’ve fallen for you” I sing.. I catch myself singing about you again.

And then my phone rings. An unknown phone number shows up. I press accept call, “Hello?” I hear a low man’s voice “Hello, Sir.” “Ahm.. Who’s this? ” “This is Officer Bryant of Hamilton County Police Department and I want to ask your relationship with Ms. Ramona Hills?” “She’s my wife. Hunter Hills. What’s the matter, Officer?” “We found her with multiple injuries and we sent her to the hospital.” “What?! Oh God. What happened to her? Is..” “It looks like someone attacked her. It’s now under investigation.” “Who would do this to her?” “We’ll figure it out, Mr Hills.” “Thank you, Sir.” “St Vincent Carmel is the hospital and I’ll give you further info later.” “I’m on my way. Thanks again, Officer.” I hang up as I wipe the tears from my eyes. “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…please.. they are okay.”


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