it’s raining

I love rain.
The sound of each raindrops hitting the roof.
I lay in my bed, closed eyes, under blankets.
I feel comfortable.

I love rain.
It comforts me in a way that nobody does.
It hides my spurious smiley face.
And it shelters my fears and regrets.

I love rain.
As if it understands what I feel,
As if the sky is crying for me.

Makes me feel less miserable.

I love rain
That I have forgotten how I used to love the sun and its sunlight,
How happy I was when it’s summer.
I was delighted of everything that comes with it. 

Or maybe.

Maybe one day, I will enjoy the warmth of the sun on my skin again.
Maybe I’d become the person I used to be –
the one with sunny heart.

But what I know right now is,
I love rain.


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