Back pain

I’m not paying attention.
And I have all these pain patches on my back,
Three days in a row.
You said I’ll be okay after 5 days.
I don’t think that will happen
Because he left me broken
In the basement alone.
Why didn’t you stay
and help me put all these patches?
It’s fucking hard to put them on.

I was not impressed.
He walked out and said
“I won’t ever come back here.
And to all the places we went to.
I will never miss you.”
I said, “Same, asshole.”
But now, Fuck!
I miss him. Big time.

I called you again
But you didn’t answer.
I left you a voice message,
“I need someone to pick up my laundry.
Could you get it for me?”
After 2o minutes,
You texted me,
“You fucking need him back.”
Perhaps, you’re right.


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