Tuesday Night

Oh God.. I didn’t even try to do it.
I just realized one day that I love you.
And I want you to know that.
And I don’t need you to say you love me too.
This moment.
Me telling my feelings to you is enough.
It’s more than what I thought this could be.
I couldn’t ask for more.
Because right now..
You’re here
Standing in front of me,

Looking into my eyes directly,
And both ears listening to me
Is the most wonderful moment with you.


My Job Is Not Bad, I guess

This week has been a very busy one for me. I had to take care of a legal case (Don’t worry, it’s not much of a big problem. This will be resolved in the next month, hopefully).  And my job at work was a little bit exhausting this week because of the weather issue in US. Oh Haven’t I mentioned that I’m a call center agent? Sorry. I work in BPO industry. Our client is a Travel Agency based in US and what I do is change and/or cancel trips and whatnot. That’s why I consider myself as a US Domestic Travel Consultant. aha feeling professional.

There were bunch of flights got cancelled and will be cancelled. And all callers tell the same thing. They’ll say they’ve been on the phone for hours and they haven’t changed their reservations. I’d say sorry to them and they’d feel the same way too ’cause they know that it is no one’s fault why all their trips keep getting messed up. (There are complicated trips and there are easy ones.) Then I’d call the carrier to reprotect them. Then they’d be happy and feel relieved. Caller will hang up. And the phone will ring again. Ugh!!

Actually, for me, what happened this week  was not much of a difference. What a boring life I have? Some other bloggers would write they go out to go shopping or to a party or to a dinner or where else. But me, I’d write the boring shit I have at work. Thank goodness, there were some people on Facebook found the ‘Carrot Man’. Geez, he’s a cutie and look like 5 years younger than me … so ‘meh’. But you know what, I like my job. I’m making money out of this stress, so why complain? … but I’ll keep on complaining ’cause it helps.

So if you’re making money out of your shitty job, just think of it as a stepping stone and you will get the job that you always wish to have. (Oh me? My dream job is to make money by staying in my room all day. I still wonder what job that is. hmmm) I guess, you just gotta work hard and get stressed out before you get there. Just think of the managers and executives and entrepreneurs. Maybe you’d have those titles one day. Sabi nga nila, dream big cause it’s free. And that’s one of the best things in this world, you know, freebies, free taste, ‘free trial’.. hahaha. On a serious note, my advice is dream big talaga, love to learn more things and be patient.


Kev: I ran past a coffee shop where she’s drinking her favorite coffee, a hot dark mocha. But I didn’t know her. We’re completely strangers. *winks at me*
Me: He kinda slowed down to gaze at me. But I didn’t expect that the police was running after him and he eventually got caught.
Mom: What?!
Kev: Someone called the police because I was picking a car lock.
Me: He was busting his own car lock. *laughs*
Kev: I don’t know but my first reaction was to run away. After 10 minutes of running, they caught me. I tried to tell them that it’s my car I was picking
Dad: *laughs*
Me: They put handcuffs on him
Kev: Then she walked out of the coffee shop. What did you say?
Me: Hmm.. I yelled ‘Pervert!’ And the police came up to me and asked me what made me say that. If he harassed me or something? I answered ‘no’.
Mom: Why would you yell like that?
Me: I was shocked that the guy I had made an eye contact with, seconds ago, was a criminal. At least, that’s what I thought at that time.
Kev: I was in the police car and I yelled ‘I’ll get back to you’.
Dad: Wait, what?! Who do you think you are *gets angry*
Me: Dad, it’s cool.
Mom: No. Not cool.
Kev: Sorry
Me: worried about my safety.
Dad: Of course!
Me: Dad..
Mom: Great. And now you’re dating this guy? T, I could not believe you.
Kev: So I asked a friend to bail me out.
Mom: Shut up.
Dad: What is this, T? *looks at me and then Kevin* huh?
Me: Wait, we haven’t told you the best part yet. *tries not to laugh*
Kev: *gets frightened*
Two days later, I saw her again at the coffee shop. I sat on the chair in front of her
Me: I didn’t notice him at first but when he moved his face close to mine..he said..
Kev: I said ‘Told you, I’d get back to you. Can I ask you out?’ *laughs*
Me: *laughs so loud*
Mom and Dad: *have no clue*

(That’s the story we came up with when we were asked about how we first met.
Kevin and I have been dating for almost two years. Since I’m the only child, I understand my parents’ strictness when it comes to the person I am dating.)

Mom: What’s funny?
Dad: Was that a joke?
Me: maybe. *laughs*

Tonight was the first time they met Kevin. It was hella fun. And my parents still don’t get it.

PS. Kevin and I met at a local animal shelter. I was a volunteer and he was like a monthly foster father to the animals.




If you guys don’t know, I am big fan of music.I listen to anything but I usually find the soulfulness that I love in rock, post hardcore, punk, and acoustic. I’m so happy that I get to express my feelings by just listening to these kinds of music. I know this sounds weird but I find comfort in it.

I have bunch of of favorite bands and one of them is The Hotelier. I’ve become an instant fan of them when I first listened to Discomfort Revisited, a song off of their album “Home, Like No Place Is There”. Oh, I love that album (go check it out).  It’s been two years since they released that one. So when I saw this video in my subscription box, I clicked it right away and boom! I couldn’t stop freaking out. So here it is:

The song is great. And the video, it is very interesting. You might have felt weird out on the last part because of those naked old people but watch the girl and those people she encounters.  They all have differences in showing and expressing their selves and emotions. I think this video is  about self expression. Something we all do in unexpected and bizarre ways. I love everything in it. I’m so excited to hear every track on this album. I couldn’t wait more.

Films You Can Watch on 14th of Feb (or on any date)

14th of February is in two days. Most people call it Valentines Day but I call it just a regular day. Like seriously, it’s just a regular day. I know it was named after a saint but people don’t actually celebrate it as piyestang bayan (not the way filipinos celebrate other saints’ day – I’m not catholic though-). Most people are now making a plan on how to express their feelings to their special someone on that day.  But for me, you can express your love to your significant other or loved ones however, whenever. You can do it by making surprise or just being nice every day.

So for those  who don’t have date with somebody or friends or family (like me) and just planning to stay at home, here’s a list of movies you might want to watch on the 14th. These will not be all chick flick movies. These are ones of the best movies I’ve watched.


If you’ve watched 3 Idiots, which is a big hit and an amazing bollywood movie, that guy is familiar to you. That is Aamir Khan and in this movie, he played an alien who lost his  a (like) remote control of his spaceship that made him take on adventure to look for God. This is a great film as we can always expect from Aamir Khan. You can also watch his other movies –  Like stars on Earth, Ghajini.

Ruby Sparks


I have a big crush on Paul Dano and after I watched this, it’s hard not to love Zoe Kazan. They really look good together. I ship them so much. So back to the movie, this is about a young writer who fell in love with the character he was writing and just one day, she became real. I love Zoe’s other films – The Pretty One, In your eyes.

Home run

homerun (1)

It’s a Chinese movie about two siblings from a poor family and they have to share only one pair of shoes. I was 12 when I watched it for the first time and with my whole family. I remember while the movie was playing, my mom kept telling us “Tingnan niyo sila. Iniintindi ang bawat isa hindi yung laging nag-aaway.” It’s a heart warming movie so go check it out.

Wolf Children


Another heart warming family movie. It’s about a young mom who has to raise her two half wolf – half human kids. You can never go wrong on watching this one because the story line is so unique and it would definitely leave a little room in your heart.

The Garden Of Words


This is the best Japanese film I’ve ever seen. The animation itself is amazing. Plot: One rainy day, an aspiring shoemaker goes to a park where he meets a mysterious woman who he befriends with. And as much as I want to tell the story, I can’t. Go see it yourself.

The Road Within


This one is a story of teenager with tourette who was sent to an institution where he meets a girl with anorexia and his roommate with OCD. If you’re into barkada/friendship films, you’d like this.

Wristcutters: A Love Story


Plot: A guy cut himself and finds himself in afterlife where all people there have committed suicide. Then he meets a woman who never meant to kill herself while using drugs but get killed anyway.
Okay, it is now obvious that I love films about psychiatry and such  (I have bunch of favorites in this category) but this film takes on this subject in a different way. Black humor is the answer. Open up your mind and you’ll enjoy it.


Grandma film still

I watched this one like two days ago. It’s about a bad ass grandma who’s helping her granddaughter out to look for some money that she would use to abort her pregnancy. It’s a fun movie to watch.

I have a lot of other amazing films I want to share with you but that’s it for now. You don’t need a date. Just watch all these on the 14th and you won’t feel as bitter as you do today, just kidding.
Alright till the next movie list.