Films You Can Watch on 14th of Feb (or on any date)

14th of February is in two days. Most people call it Valentines Day but I call it just a regular day. Like seriously, it’s just a regular day. I know it was named after a saint but people don’t actually celebrate it as piyestang bayan (not the way filipinos celebrate other saints’ day – I’m not catholic though-). Most people are now making a plan on how to express their feelings to their special someone on that day.  But for me, you can express your love to your significant other or loved ones however, whenever. You can do it by making surprise or just being nice every day.

So for those  who don’t have date with somebody or friends or family (like me) and just planning to stay at home, here’s a list of movies you might want to watch on the 14th. These will not be all chick flick movies. These are ones of the best movies I’ve watched.


If you’ve watched 3 Idiots, which is a big hit and an amazing bollywood movie, that guy is familiar to you. That is Aamir Khan and in this movie, he played an alien who lost his  a (like) remote control of his spaceship that made him take on adventure to look for God. This is a great film as we can always expect from Aamir Khan. You can also watch his other movies –  Like stars on Earth, Ghajini.

Ruby Sparks


I have a big crush on Paul Dano and after I watched this, it’s hard not to love Zoe Kazan. They really look good together. I ship them so much. So back to the movie, this is about a young writer who fell in love with the character he was writing and just one day, she became real. I love Zoe’s other films – The Pretty One, In your eyes.

Home run

homerun (1)

It’s a Chinese movie about two siblings from a poor family and they have to share only one pair of shoes. I was 12 when I watched it for the first time and with my whole family. I remember while the movie was playing, my mom kept telling us “Tingnan niyo sila. Iniintindi ang bawat isa hindi yung laging nag-aaway.” It’s a heart warming movie so go check it out.

Wolf Children


Another heart warming family movie. It’s about a young mom who has to raise her two half wolf – half human kids. You can never go wrong on watching this one because the story line is so unique and it would definitely leave a little room in your heart.

The Garden Of Words


This is the best Japanese film I’ve ever seen. The animation itself is amazing. Plot: One rainy day, an aspiring shoemaker goes to a park where he meets a mysterious woman who he befriends with. And as much as I want to tell the story, I can’t. Go see it yourself.

The Road Within


This one is a story of teenager with tourette who was sent to an institution where he meets a girl with anorexia and his roommate with OCD. If you’re into barkada/friendship films, you’d like this.

Wristcutters: A Love Story


Plot: A guy cut himself and finds himself in afterlife where all people there have committed suicide. Then he meets a woman who never meant to kill herself while using drugs but get killed anyway.
Okay, it is now obvious that I love films about psychiatry and such  (I have bunch of favorites in this category) but this film takes on this subject in a different way. Black humor is the answer. Open up your mind and you’ll enjoy it.


Grandma film still

I watched this one like two days ago. It’s about a bad ass grandma who’s helping her granddaughter out to look for some money that she would use to abort her pregnancy. It’s a fun movie to watch.

I have a lot of other amazing films I want to share with you but that’s it for now. You don’t need a date. Just watch all these on the 14th and you won’t feel as bitter as you do today, just kidding.
Alright till the next movie list.


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