If you guys don’t know, I am big fan of music.I listen to anything but I usually find the soulfulness that I love in rock, post hardcore, punk, and acoustic. I’m so happy that I get to express my feelings by just listening to these kinds of music. I know this sounds weird but I find comfort in it.

I have bunch of of favorite bands and one of them is The Hotelier. I’ve become an instant fan of them when I first listened to Discomfort Revisited, a song off of their album “Home, Like No Place Is There”. Oh, I love that album (go check it out).  It’s been two years since they released that one. So when I saw this video in my subscription box, I clicked it right away and boom! I couldn’t stop freaking out. So here it is:

The song is great. And the video, it is very interesting. You might have felt weird out on the last part because of those naked old people but watch the girl and those people she encounters.  They all have differences in showing and expressing their selves and emotions. I think this video is  about self expression. Something we all do in unexpected and bizarre ways. I love everything in it. I’m so excited to hear every track on this album. I couldn’t wait more.


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