Kev: I ran past a coffee shop where she’s drinking her favorite coffee, a hot dark mocha. But I didn’t know her. We’re completely strangers. *winks at me*
Me: He kinda slowed down to gaze at me. But I didn’t expect that the police was running after him and he eventually got caught.
Mom: What?!
Kev: Someone called the police because I was picking a car lock.
Me: He was busting his own car lock. *laughs*
Kev: I don’t know but my first reaction was to run away. After 10 minutes of running, they caught me. I tried to tell them that it’s my car I was picking
Dad: *laughs*
Me: They put handcuffs on him
Kev: Then she walked out of the coffee shop. What did you say?
Me: Hmm.. I yelled ‘Pervert!’ And the police came up to me and asked me what made me say that. If he harassed me or something? I answered ‘no’.
Mom: Why would you yell like that?
Me: I was shocked that the guy I had made an eye contact with, seconds ago, was a criminal. At least, that’s what I thought at that time.
Kev: I was in the police car and I yelled ‘I’ll get back to you’.
Dad: Wait, what?! Who do you think you are *gets angry*
Me: Dad, it’s cool.
Mom: No. Not cool.
Kev: Sorry
Me: worried about my safety.
Dad: Of course!
Me: Dad..
Mom: Great. And now you’re dating this guy? T, I could not believe you.
Kev: So I asked a friend to bail me out.
Mom: Shut up.
Dad: What is this, T? *looks at me and then Kevin* huh?
Me: Wait, we haven’t told you the best part yet. *tries not to laugh*
Kev: *gets frightened*
Two days later, I saw her again at the coffee shop. I sat on the chair in front of her
Me: I didn’t notice him at first but when he moved his face close to mine..he said..
Kev: I said ‘Told you, I’d get back to you. Can I ask you out?’ *laughs*
Me: *laughs so loud*
Mom and Dad: *have no clue*

(That’s the story we came up with when we were asked about how we first met.
Kevin and I have been dating for almost two years. Since I’m the only child, I understand my parents’ strictness when it comes to the person I am dating.)

Mom: What’s funny?
Dad: Was that a joke?
Me: maybe. *laughs*

Tonight was the first time they met Kevin. It was hella fun. And my parents still don’t get it.

PS. Kevin and I met at a local animal shelter. I was a volunteer and he was like a monthly foster father to the animals.




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