My Job Is Not Bad, I guess

This week has been a very busy one for me. I had to take care of a legal case (Don’t worry, it’s not much of a big problem. This will be resolved in the next month, hopefully).  And my job at work was a little bit exhausting this week because of the weather issue in US. Oh Haven’t I mentioned that I’m a call center agent? Sorry. I work in BPO industry. Our client is a Travel Agency based in US and what I do is change and/or cancel trips and whatnot. That’s why I consider myself as a US Domestic Travel Consultant. aha feeling professional.

There were bunch of flights got cancelled and will be cancelled. And all callers tell the same thing. They’ll say they’ve been on the phone for hours and they haven’t changed their reservations. I’d say sorry to them and they’d feel the same way too ’cause they know that it is no one’s fault why all their trips keep getting messed up. (There are complicated trips and there are easy ones.) Then I’d call the carrier to reprotect them. Then they’d be happy and feel relieved. Caller will hang up. And the phone will ring again. Ugh!!

Actually, for me, what happened this week  was not much of a difference. What a boring life I have? Some other bloggers would write they go out to go shopping or to a party or to a dinner or where else. But me, I’d write the boring shit I have at work. Thank goodness, there were some people on Facebook found the ‘Carrot Man’. Geez, he’s a cutie and look like 5 years younger than me … so ‘meh’. But you know what, I like my job. I’m making money out of this stress, so why complain? … but I’ll keep on complaining ’cause it helps.

So if you’re making money out of your shitty job, just think of it as a stepping stone and you will get the job that you always wish to have. (Oh me? My dream job is to make money by staying in my room all day. I still wonder what job that is. hmmm) I guess, you just gotta work hard and get stressed out before you get there. Just think of the managers and executives and entrepreneurs. Maybe you’d have those titles one day. Sabi nga nila, dream big cause it’s free. And that’s one of the best things in this world, you know, freebies, free taste, ‘free trial’.. hahaha. On a serious note, my advice is dream big talaga, love to learn more things and be patient.


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