Sunny Day And Thunderclaps

This life is full of lies.
I wish I could ride on a kite.
And fly away to the sky
To see again his beautiful smile.

I’m holding on to the memories.
Question the stories.
I hate myself, I’m sorry
For leaving Gregory.

I could not undo what had happened
He’s gone. Maybe in heaven.
I’m hoping that’s where he’s goin’
‘Cause he was always a good friend.

The mom of my best friend, 
Doesn’t talk to me.
She has been crying for days.
I can not be just okay.

I can’t stop blaming myself.
I can’t stop blaming myself.
I was no help.

I was no help.
I am.
I am the reason why he’s there

Lying in a coffin.
As if he was just sleeping.
I will never see him again.

Before this funeral,
I wrote him a letter.
I wish he’d be able to read it there
 In the safe place.
Where he will rest in peace
While I live missing him.


“Greg, thank you for everything. Thank you that I was part of your short but wonderful life. The life that I took away from you. I am sorry. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to save you. I’m sorry that I left you. Sorry that I let you die. I’m sorry you’re not here anymore. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt your mom and your siblings. I’m sorry I was not a good friend. I’m sorry I’ve let you down. I’m so sorry.
I don’t deserve forgiveness.
I wish it was me who died, not you. You deserve to be alive, I don’t. I’m sorry.

I will never forget you. I will keep you in my heart.
I will keep all our pictures together. I’ll celebrate your birthday. I will visit you. You will always be my best friend.”


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