*breathes deeply*

Ohkay.. I’ve been watching random youtube videos and listening to some good ol’ music and still not satisfied of what going on in my life. This past month, I have made a lot of getaway plans ’cause you know life is too busy here in the city. I feel like I have to go to the beach or to the mountain or to the forest and have a cup of a glass of pineapple juice as I enjoy the scenery of the magical paradise. And those plans were ditched by the people I was supposed to be going with. They had something more important to do than all this and I truly understand that. And yes, I know I know I am very dependent person. Only when it comes to going to places or to a party and to anywhere that I would have to deal with new people (introvert here). So yeah, I just needed someone to go with and I only have very few friends but they’re all busy. I had plans to go to Mt. Daraitan, to Jomalig Island, to the Campfire Session of Typecast in Sagada but nope, not gonna happen. I’m not ranting here, I’m just trying to let go of this feeling… whatever this is.



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