Hello, everybody! It’s the fifth of the year already. At tapos na ang National Election. So how are you, guys? Did your bets win?  I’m hoping all the elected government people will do their jobs for the benefit of all their kababayans. We want the best for our country. Pero sa totoo lang, I miss the cute animals and music updates on my  newsfeed. And to my facebook friends who had became political analysts these past few days, please guys, get over it. Ganun talaga e. We’ve done our part and let just start to happily help our new government. Let’s move forward.

Sooo.. (me: tries to change topic awkwardly).. I jut got a hedgehog yesterday. I named him, Astor and  he’s only two months old.


He’s cute and little and prickly  but I don’t know how to take care of him especially at this young age. I have no place for him to stay right now so I’m currently keeping him in a show box. I don’t know what to feed him, I couldn’t find cat food that’s not fish base. There’s cat cookies I know I can buy but they’re too big for him. I’m not sure if that is okay for him to eat at this young. I basically know nothing about hedgehog. Send HELP. jk. If you guys know something about this cutie, please let me know. Anything about hedgies would be a big help. Thanks in advance.

That’s it for now. I know and I am sorry for being such a crappy blogger. But hey I have this tiny buddy and most bloggers don’t. haha Peacekies.


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