Sleepless Night Thoughts 2

Told you I was going to write another no sleep-thoughts entry. This post-rest day insomnia is getting worse and to add the suffering, I have clogged nose.  I need to see a doctor but I don’t want to be absent for my shift so I would just ignore the pain and do the shit right. And will probably see specialist after.


I just dyed my hair today. Technically, it was my mom who dyed my hair. The photo I posted on Instagram didn’t actually justify how vibrant the color of my hair was (on the day that I dyed it). It kinda failed but it was really pretty.  Anyway, I’d probably post something about that here on my blog.


There’s a movie that has been bugging me lately. I saw a friend’s post on Facebook saying how horrified he was about ‘A Serbian Film’. And that simple post allowed my brain to relive the sleeping memory of that film (I have watched it about 2 or 3 years ago) of how gore it was, how inhumane the plot was, and the possibility that those horrible things were happening in real life. I’ve seen other disturbing twisted sick films like August Underground and Martyrs.  But this one was the most inhumane film I’ve ever seen in my entire life. My stomach is turning, just the think of it. But now that I typed down those other sick films, I feel like I’m not gonna sleep for days. Fuck, I can see the pictures in my head.


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