Youtube Content Creators That I Like

As a couch potato that I am, I watch TV series and also people who make videos on Youtube. We all know what Youtube is and we all have our fave content makers. I made a list of mine. These are the people that whenever they post something, I would definitely click it right away and watch the whole thing. So here it is, by the way I’m gonna list them from fave to most fave.


I believe, he’s been a youtuber for years, initially with this channel, lonnie, and then a gaming channel, lonniedos (I’m not sure) which he got busy with. And then he eventually gets back to this channel to make just random videos which I like. I enjoy them. They’re like vlog/thoughts videos or just anything. Random and weird but the editing style, the music, the (non)sense content are the reasons I am hooked on his videos.


Tom is probably one of the best video maker in Youtubelandia. He’s quite genius on the content he’s producing. The skits were all well- thought. He truly deserves to be recognized.

Lloyd Cafe Cadena.

Si Lloyd na nga ang nag-iisang Filipino sa list ko. His videos would definitely make you laugh. The content ideas/styles were simple but how he presents them was what made them stand out. At yung mga kapitbahay na crew niya sa mga review videos at skits niya, nakakaloka. Ang benta lang talaga ng videos niya.


My ginger boy, Robin. He’s 17, maybe 18 year old boy who has a lovely voice and sweet soul. I love this kid (no, not the way you’re thinking). He kinda reminds me of Shayne Orok (who, by the way, I was obsessed with but no longer active on Youtube). He’s a natural talent. And his contents are mostly vlogs, QnA, random stories and he sometimes posts song covers and his own songs.


No one can do what he does. He knows how to be original, hence the video. He deserves more people on his channel. I don’t know how to explain what his style is but it’s totally different. His unique style deserves to be seen by  more tiny planets explorers. He does the thinking, writing, producing, executing the extraordinary, out of this world contents. He always comes up with wonderful ideas and stories. They are all great. So go to his channel and watch his videos, you’d know why I like this guy. Also check his 2nd channel, PJTheKick, ’cause why not.

Good Mythical Morning.

And Good Mythical More and Rhett and Link Channel and other channels they have, I’m all subscribed. I watch them everyday and the past episodes, too. I am a big fan. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I’m obsessed. Rhett and Link are the kind of people I would like to hang out with. They are cool and fun and could make you laugh out loud. I adore how genuine and sincere they always are. And their comedies and skits are their own; they are funny in a way that only these two can do. And their crew is a big plus. They always look like they’re playing but no; that’s their job and it looks fun.

And my most favorite youtuber is


Dodie Clark, my girl. I love her so much. First, because she is very talented person and has a beautiful voice. Second, she’s true to herself and unique and genuine. Third, she is relatable. She is sweet and charming and friendly and awkward and weird, all at the same time.Ah, I could go on and on and on why I like her. You’d know her personality more on her 2nd channel, doddlevloggle. Her content doesn’t have to be perfect, she just presents herself and that is enough.She mostly posts amazing song covers and random stories/videos. She deserves million of subscribers so go check her out.

Here’s other channels I watch – Clevver Style, Dee Kosh, Pewdiepie, Itsamemyleo, JackMaate, Tessa Violet, Annika Victoria, Asha ETC, Joe Santagato, Brothers Green Eat, Shayne Orok. So yeah, these are the people that entertain my day offs, my boring life. Go check their channels and videos.


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