I haven’t seen you in 6 years

Crowded hall, cheap powder room dramas, secret but not really secret smoking areas, students cutting classes, classmates getting bullied, teachers abusing pupils, passing  and failing classes we won’t need in real life, and every crap you’d hear from everybody’s mouth.
High School.
Some hates it.
Some loves it.
Some finds friends.
Some finds nemesis.
I, myself, hated it but I found friends.

I was a loser.
I had no money for every shit I needed for school.
I was fat – a reason to be one of the popular stories by popular kids.
The reason I got bullied.
But I had my friends.
They were the best.
They made school a little less hell.
We’re not cool, neither smart.
But we had fun.
I was convinced that they were the reasons
I got through high school.
I was ugly crying on our graduation ceremony.
I was sure I won’t make it to college without them.
I was scared of losing them.
I was a coward.

But I went to college anyway.
I met new people and got busy with school.
My high school friends and I had very little communication on those years.
I changed and they changed, too.
We were busy with our own lives.
I graduated from college.
And the other one did, too.
One got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby.
And other one moved to a different city
to live with her boyfriend.

It’s funny that we actually had plan to go to the same university,
live in one house and be friends forever.
But we’re different now as grown ups.
Whenever I talk to them,
the conversation would only be catch up stories.
Me working.
The other one is, too.
One’s making her own family.
And the other one is still living with her boyfriend and continue her studies.
We’re all doing fine.)
No more giggling stories about boys.
No more bitch hating stories.
No more future plans.
Not that I don’t like what we talk about now.
It’s just I miss the crazy minds we all had back then..

We’ve grown apart.
We’re adults now.
Of course, it’s not the same.
And I know that nobody has to stay the same.
But I wish it’s not like this.

I don’t want to wake up one day that these friends would only be just familiar faces.
I don’t want to be someone’s ‘I used to know someone’s story.


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