Can we talk about twentyonepilots MCR cover’s Cancer? Oh gosh… it almost killed me. I hated it. I love MCR so much and I’m also a big fan of TOP and this hurts me. The cover was so bad.

(I was at work when they released the lyric video. And without listening to it, I shared it on my Facebook wall. As soon as I heard the first 30 seconds of it, when I got home, I deleted it. )

Okay. Hate me all you want, that’s fine with me. I hate that most of TOP’s fans loved the cover, like seriously have you listened to the original? The original was so powerful and emotional and just perfect. And this? TOP and the producer could’ve done better than this. Have you listened the voice clip of Tyler singing this song? That one was superb. But this cover, this one that Rocksound is going to release as one of the tracks in Black Parade 10 year anniversary cover album, is a total mess. It’s overproduced and sounded like it’s trying so bad to sell out. Wrong move, Rocksound. Tyler can sing beautifully without auto tune and sick annoying looping sound. It could have been better.


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