Sleepless Night Thoughts 4

Here I am again writing because I couldn’t sleep. So #ALDUBWedding happened today. It was a dream come true of every fan of Yaya Dub and Alden to see them getting married. Who would’ve thought that simple smile from split screen would end up to this wonderful wedding. I know the wedding was scripted and all but who knows what will happen to these two actors in real life.I was laughing my ass off whenever I hear shrieks from the lolas while AlDub was swearing to their promises. And that passing out of Lola Nidora scene was infuriating. Me and my cousins were so pissed. Thank goodness, right after the commercial, Kalyeserye was back on and we have witnessed the sweetest and longest kiss of Aldub on TV (malay ba natin kung meron off-cam). We squealed with happiness. Oh boy, I almost lost my voice. That wedding was a perfect end to a simple yet wonderful roller coaster story shown on filipino TV.

You know me. I’m a movie junkie. Since I still have some time before my sleep time, I decided to look for something to watch and gave The Last Five Years a shot. At first, I was confused of its timeline. It jumped from one event to another (kinda reminded me of film Comet), but I got the hang of it later on. The characters were easy to fall in love with but of course, there were still complications which made me dislike them. There were difficulties just like any love stories. Spoiler: It was a sad ending.

My hair hates me more than I hate it. After several bleaching and dying, I can see it’s giving up on me. I’ve got it dyed blue-green, green, and then blue that turned to pastel green, then violet and now it has faded to dusty purple-pink color. And those hair colors happened in just four months. My hair is now so frizzy and dry. The ends are, well uhm, fried. I’m at the point where cutting all my hair off is the solution but I’m not going to that. I have shoulder length hair (after a little trim I did today), I can’t afford to lose my hair or else I will end up looking like a giant egg. I’m going to try my best to fix it or at least, make it look fixed. I’ve bought a bit expensive hair products – keratin-based conditioner and sulfate-free shampoo. They seem to be working but I’m still waiting for much more improvement, hopefully in the next weeks. I also learned that I have to restrain myself from washing my hair everyday. It’s a bit hard and gross for me since I have very oily hair and I happen to be living in a tropical place. Still, I gotta do it. I’m washing my hair on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Sometimes, I cheat on Fridays, too. And I have to weekly saturate my hair with coconut oil that would stay overnight. So far, my hair feels soft but still looks fried. I’m still looking for a good leave-in conditioner that would tame frizziness and good dry shampoo, or should I just use baby powder? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
So that’s it for now. I’m still not sleepy but I’m thirsty for a tea right now; that might help me fall asleep.


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