Moon Over Sun

“Why is it like this?”

We were young,
Wild and free.
We fell in love right in the beginning
We blossomed to the sweetest tart human race could possibly eat.
We made promises we’re sure won’t be broken.

Then you moved away.
I had to stay.
We tried our best to communicate.
You called me in nighttime.
I called you in daylight.
But we mostly received left messages.

We lost track of each other.
“Did we just let our love be taken by time and distance?”
“Did we even call each other to say goodbye?”
Those were the things I had in my mind.

There were certain points,
we cheated on each other.
But we kept coming back together.
I said ,”I miss you.”
You replied , “I love you.”
And that made me want to fight for what we called love.

And now we’re here.
Longing for happiness we first felt 4 years ago.

“Why is it like this?”

“Isn’t this what we’ve been wishing for?”


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