Sleepless Night Thoughts 5

Hello! Hello!
I have this little kind of romantic comedy story in my head. It’s about a girl who wanted to learn about herself and found a possible romance along the way. I actually was thinking to share it here but decided not to do that – it’s too cliche.
The story might have come from me being a little drama queen these past few days. I’ve been having these thoughts in my head like “What if I don’t find The One?” “What if tumanda akong dalaga?” “Lord, please kahit anak lang.” Truth hurts. I was paranoid, sorry naman, such a hopeless romantic. I truly believe that most of the people who write poems, stories, and lyrics about love are somehow hopeless romantic. So artists should be proud of it. (Oh di ba? naghahanap lang ng karamay).
Kidding aside, I’ve been so curious about love these past days. My friends, esp the one next to my station at work, are probably annoyed of me asking weird love stuff. I’m honestly in love with the idea of love, romance and relationships. But still, I’m not sure if I could handle to be in one with someone. Isn’t that odd at all?

Too fulfill my hopeless romantic moment tonight.

Let’s. Just. Go. Kiss. Someone.


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