HYMN 33: Happy 2017!!!

Just few hours away before we say our goodbyes to the pettiest year ever. You and I know how crappy this year had become. I don’t need to make a list of all BS that has happened. But hey, there were amazing things, too.

I personally had bad things to deal with but this year had become my turning point to actually stand up for myself. I had my low lows and this year made me look for the opposite of them.

2016 was never near great but it helped me realized my worth. That my voice has to be heard. That I can do such things I only imagined while laying in my bed. And I could smile through any bad situation. Sabi nga nila fake it till you make it. So smile lang and always be optimistic. See the good in people and try to become those good you see. I no need to change what I am. Just need to be more open minded in doing good. These are the things I’m trying to apply. Sink all these in.

And since it’s the last day of the year, it is unavoidable not to make a little new year’s resolution. You know, things I need to improve and/or to really “JUST DO IT”.


Have an active lifestyle. If you are following me on Twitter, you probably already know that I go to gym now. I’m trying to lose weight and have a better health. But I am guilty of skipping gym days and workout program. So, self, don’t fool yourself. Do all the programs, count right and do not miss the gym.
Eat healthy. As part of balik-alindog program (though I’ve never been sexy in my life), I have to carefully select the food I’m eating. I already cut rice intake to half cup of rice only and only two meals with rice a day, with healthy snacks on the side (oatmeal bar and banana, baby). No soda and any food that has high sugar content. Do not binge eat if anxiety hits. More water, more fruits and veggies intake. At jusko, mainom ko na sana yung protein shake na nakakadiri. So that I would be able to cut my rice meal to once a day.
Be a responsible money saver. Savings is not meant to be saved in the bank account and cash them all out when “need” to buy cute stuff. Keep it. Grow them money. Wag dukutin unless it’s for emergency stuff.
Invest. Puro plano kaya di natutuloy. But please, self, do the investment this 2017. You’re not getting any younger.
Be sociable. If they invite, just go. Be active in social gathering especially with the church activities. Just go meet new people, make new friends. Initiating conversation is never me but please, make an effort to talk to people when they approach. Face fear of looking to their eyes and have a conversation with them.
Use time efficiently. If it’s sleeping time, go to bed and no more side checking on Facebook or Twitter. Move ass when alarm rings. Make an appointment and do not be late. Do not be late also applies to work.
Travel. Of course, have a separate funds for this. This year would be an awesome one if there’s action and adventures. Enjoy life cause again I am not getting any younger. Live the moment while it lasts.
Be kind to yourself. I have acne-prone face, flabs, scars, stretch marks all over my body, uneven skin tone, big hips and huge feet. Osan, learn to accept all these parts and stop comparing yourself to anyone. Embrace yourself. ‘I may not have an ideal body but these imperfections are me and I am beautiful’, say it because kawaii.
Talk to Him. Take more time to talk to Him. Ask His guidance and always be thankful.

That’s it. Very mature things to do on this coming year (matanda na talaga ako). The list I have above may also apply to you.

It’s not easy to make a difference but it’s worth a try. You will never know the result until you actually do the sacrifices

We have to have little improvements. We deserve to be happy and free of stress that 2016 had given us. haha. We can never have the best things in this world but we can be the best version of ourselves we’ll be happy to be. You know everyone has time limit but we can make the best memories out of it for ourselves, for our loved ones. Lets look forward and make this coming year an exciting one. Lets welcome it with big smile in our faces and big hope for it. Happy new year, dearest readers. 🙂


Dear Mom,

I’m sorry I am not my best self today. I promised to go out with you and I changed my mind. I made you disappointed and angry once again. I’m sorry that the littlest things make me irritated and grumpy and rude. I’m sorry. You’re pissed at me right now (and I look pissed too) but really, I am sorry. I wouldn’t say sorry to you face to face because I don’t have any balls to do so.  And yet, I know, you’d forgive me eventually. You wouldn’t say it either but I would feel it.
I’m sorry I’m not a perfect daughter. I’m sorry I have my mood swings and break downs. I’m sorry I, sometimes, push you away even though, in my heart, I dearly need you.
I’m sorry I always want to have my alone time when I’m at home. I’m sorry I don’t usually talk to you. But I swear to god, I love you. I’m sorry I don’t say it but I do love you, mom.You’re the most important person to me.
I wish it was easy to express myself. I wish I could explain my feelings better.
I  wish I’m not like this. This irritating person I am.
I’m sorry, mom. I am to blame for whatever you’re feeling right now. Although I know you probably have fallen asleep already. And I know you would never know of this letter, this blog. I know you’re never going to read this.
But mom, I am sorry.