Dear Mom,

I’m sorry I am not my best self today. I promised to go out with you and I changed my mind. I made you disappointed and angry once again. I’m sorry that the littlest things make me irritated and grumpy and rude. I’m sorry. You’re pissed at me right now (and I look pissed too) but really, I am sorry. I wouldn’t say sorry to you face to face because I don’t have any balls to do so.  And yet, I know, you’d forgive me eventually. You wouldn’t say it either but I would feel it.
I’m sorry I’m not a perfect daughter. I’m sorry I have my mood swings and break downs. I’m sorry I, sometimes, push you away even though, in my heart, I dearly need you.
I’m sorry I always want to have my alone time when I’m at home. I’m sorry I don’t usually talk to you. But I swear to god, I love you. I’m sorry I don’t say it but I do love you, mom.You’re the most important person to me.
I wish it was easy to express myself. I wish I could explain my feelings better.
I  wish I’m not like this. This irritating person I am.
I’m sorry, mom. I am to blame for whatever you’re feeling right now. Although I know you probably have fallen asleep already. And I know you would never know of this letter, this blog. I know you’re never going to read this.
But mom, I am sorry.



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