Pointless Journey


Dropping this perfection here.


I’ve been obsessed of K-dramas these days. And one of the awesome series I have seen recently  is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.
It’s coming of age, slice of life kind of drama. It’s really light and unlike the other kdramas out there, it’s not mind bending and no shocking twist. Just the right amount of drama and comedy. I like how simple the plot is. I like how relatable the characters are. It’s not perfect though but all in all, it’s a pretty cool drama.
But hey boy, I could say this is my fave drama of 2016. I love every characters in it. I got crush on both Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk, the cutest main stars,  instantly. (Ahh.. SHIP SHIP SHIP… please date irl! like seriously they’re cute together.)  This drama has covered some serious issues like the sports stereotypes, mental health issues and family problems. The drama is very real in these aspects and made them simple to give a little message like “These things are OKAY and you can make it through them. :)”

If you haven’t seen this, go watch it now. For now, I’ll just leave this playlist here.
Suweeggg.. anyeong!


Should we get some beer?
How about stronger than that?
Let’s get drunk tonight.

Hit the karaoke.
Let’s just sing out loud.
Don’t be bothered by mad neighbors.
Let’s get crazy and be drowned.

I know nothing about what you feel.
What I only know is you’re hurting.
Tonight is only temporary
But at least, you’d feel just the sting.

Cry as loud as you want.
Feel free to scream out your heart.
We may get arrested and penalized
Somebody may dare to fight.

Lift it off from your shoulders.
Or maybe put it aside.
Breathe in this moment.
Live this night.



This is it, Pancit

It’s the 6th day of January.. Hoo! And it’s my brother’s birthday (Pi Birthday Nad!).
So hello, how’s your 2017 so far? I hope things are going well to you. This year calls for the change and we all need that. And just like what I have written in my last entry, let’s go embrace it.

As part of my weight loss journey, I have joined this little competition in the office called The Biggest Loser or Gainer (I have just invented that title haha). Just like that show in TV but not really. We have invited everyone in our team to join the competition, the obese or overweights’ goal is to lose weight and the underweight or skinny ones’ is to gain some. Whoever has lost or gained weight the most in 3 months would win the cash prize that we have collected from all the participants. This is my 3rd time to join the same kind of competition (the first two were against my cousins and guess what? I lost both times because I didn’t bother to do something, neither workout nor diet). I’ve been doing gym workout for almost 2 months now and I have only lost 11lbs. So for this challenge, I will need to really step up my game and focus to the goal.

I’m also learning new things this year. Just yesterday, I cooked Filipino-style Carbonara and today, I made coffee jelly in cream. I can’t eat much but, man, I feel so proud of myself. I would like to continue learning new things. If it’s cooking then I must learn to cook healthier food, maybe I could also learn a musical instrument (sana matuto na nga this time), or I could play sports. Basta kahit ano, I’m open to learn new stuff.

I’m starting to keep a planner. It helps me to be organized and schedule such plans like gym plans, diet, appointment and some other things I have to be done with. Hopefully I won’t be helplessly surprised to deadlines anymore.

I’m writing stuff. I swear hindi lang ang boring buhay ko ang isusulat ko dito sa blog. I’m going to write more poems and stories. They are usually shitty and have no sense but I swear I put my heart out writing them. I have some half-written writings saved in my ipod. I will put them up once they’re ready. I need more inspiration too.

6 days in and things are going pretty well and so far, easy to handle. I will do my best to keep this all up until the end of the year. I know some things will be tough. There will be some struggles but just focus. And I will get there to where I want to be.