Smile, scars, sweat

 Today was the first day of my boxing workout. I was very excited to meet and be pal with my instructor/coach (Yes, I’m back at working out again).

I arrived at the gym 15 minutes early to our session time. So I did my normal routine of stretching and warm up (as well as greetings to fellow gym members and other instructors).As soon as I was done, I approached my boxing instructor and introduced myself. We did more stretching and he taught me basic things about boxing. When it’s time to put on the gloves, I felt anxiety was eating me once again. I was worried of so many things.
But I wore the gloves and was trying my best to act “normal”. Straight, jab, hook, upper cut. I did all of them. After 3 minutes, my coach said it’s time for a rest. And that’s when he pointed out my left forearm.

What’s that?
(I smiled shyly)
Did you do it intentionally?
(I nodded) I was a foolish kid (I laughed anxiously)
That’s the first thing I noticed (he gave me a thin smile).
I’m so embarrassed. This is embarrassing. Please don’t tell to anyone. (silence)
Do you drink (alcohol)? (with a slight serious tone in his voice)
Do you smoke (cigarettes)?
I used to (smiled awkwardly).
–end of the uncomfortable conversation. he had to check somebody else while I rest—

 Thank goodness, it ended right away. It was very embarrassing. Very pathetic me on begging him not to tell to anyone.

Trigger Warning. This must be the first time I would share this. 
I have scars all over my body from self mutilation. I had issues and I turned to hurting myself physically as an outlet. I started cutting myself when I was 12 but I was so scared that I eventually stopped. It went back when I was 17 and it lasted for over 3 years. Those years were my most self destructing years of my life. And I just couldn’t stop myself that my skin just got used to getting cuts over almost healed-cuts. I was extremely cruel to myself but I got through it.
Self harm is something I don’t think I will ever be proud of. I’m not going to sit down and talk about my issues and all. I can never do that.
What I’m proud of is even after all those distressing years, I got through it. I’m free of self mutilation for years. I learned to cry out loud and show my sadness. But I’d rather have that pride moment alone.

This is the first time in a long time that someone pointed out my scars. My circuit training coach  never notice it or perhaps he’s just too polite and has chosen not to point them out. And I think my boxing coach is cool too cause he didn’t prolong our convo. He must’ve noticed how uneasy I was. He just continued to teach me and just asked me simple things. And our session went on smoothly. After two hours, I’ve got numb arms and sweaty clothes. Although there was an embarrassing moment at first, it was all in all enjoyable first day training. Plus somebody brought cake and ice cream to the gym. Everybody broke their diets and had cheat snacks. 🙂


One thought on “Smile, scars, sweat

  1. Fight Quality

    Next time just tell people it’s a reminder of how much you’ve turned your life around 👊

    If you decide to stick with the boxing, head over to for bucket loads of reviews and info about gloves and other gear!

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