Tuesday Aft

I still feel your bad temper.
You even cursed at me.
I didn’t know you speak bad words.
And they’re not that bad.
But I know you know they’re bad.

I’ll keep listening to Kimya Dawson.
And you hear the tunes you hate.
I know you hate my face right now.
It’s probably the reason you’re on the roof again.
Probably crying in the wind.
Still cursing at me silently.

I am afraid I owe you.
But the truth is you owe me.
Remember the promise you said
You’d buy me a drink.
It’s been a week, dude.
I never taste any of it.

You’re not my friend.
You’re my brother.
I told you you’re overreacting.
But dude, you were.
It’s the least you can do in that moment.
I know you could’ve punch me.
Maybe because I wasn’t yelling
You spared my cute little face full of acne.

You’re sad but not me.
I can just leave
But I’d rather annoy you.
I’m a fucked up 23 year old.
You know that, don’t you?
I have nothing to lose.
I have nothing to worry about.
But I’m worried about you.


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