Sleepless Night Thoughts 8

I just finished writing all my thoughts for a sleepless night thoughts entry 7 but it resulted to be very personal.

So I’ll just leave this little poem here.

I am not who I was
And I shouldn’t judge you for who you were
But pardon me, it still hurts
Maybe I could never walk from this curse.

It isn’t the ocean that left me
It isn’t the sun that warmed me
Because nothing was there
I still hate you for what you were

Don’t worry, I stopped cutting
And I’m getting better at crying
Don’t worry, you wouldn’t find me
Hanging from the ceiling

And if I die tomorrow, I hope my parents feel relieved.
I hope they wouldn’t need to conceal.
And I hope somehow I have made them proud.
And my brothers will learn nothing but the made up sound.


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