weather you like or hot

Life Updates: I went outside and got a new haircut.

(I know it sounds pretty boring but this is new for me)

This summer has been really stressful fir me. It’s not just the heat from the sun and getting all sweaty without doing anything. It’s because…honestly, I don’t know. It’s just I had been feeling down.

But now, I’ve been trying to pull myself together. And since I am not good with all sorts of planning, my life strategy now is “do what first amazing thing you think to do”. And so far, it’s working, I believe.

And I went to Taguig City twice this week. I got to hangout with my friends and just unwind for a little while. And even though it’s not the kind of environment (lots of people and high class establishments) I’m wishing myself to have some relaxation (I want to go to beach!), I was able to relax. I was kilometers away from polluted air and heavy traffic of the greater part of Manila.

Also, I’ve been working really hard to be a better adult. I am working my way to finally be a financially-stabled individual. I started with the basic–envelope budgeting.
And as a part of “oplan better adulting”, I try to be as organized as I can be with my bed, my stuff at work, drawers of clothes. Because apparently sorting out things and seeing them organized after the work make me feel better.

Oh and just today, I got a new haircut.. at a salon.
Because of this scorching weather, I was thinking to get an undercut but I love my shoulder length hair and will love to get it dyed after summer. And I went to a salon to get my haircut done (this is quite a big deal for me as I usually cut my own hair). And the new hair is (drum roll) Hidden Undercut. It turned out to be amazing and I love it. I feel edgy and cutie at the same time. I’ve got no regrets of having this cause I feel fresher on my nape. #yolo #twothumbsupimpulsivedecisionmaking

I am exceptionally glad I feel better now. The start of the summer may be a down season for me but it’s not yet done. I look forward for a full of adventures sunny days and I hope you do the same.

There will be gloomy days but sun will always come back to shine and so do we.


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