Sleepless Night Thoughts 9

Hello, hello. Good evening.
I have cold and a very bad sore throat. And I cannot sleep again.
So here comes another random thought writing by yours truly.

Have you ever had a dream about end of the world?
And since I’m having trouble sleeping, let me share you a weird dream I had a night ago.(I will share every little thing I remember)

This is quite nonsense but if you have a lot of time (like I did when I was writing this), please read. You might find it interesting, or not.

My dream starts with me on my way to take a bus to work. But for some reason, I walk from where I suppose to take the bus to the nearby mall. The mall is already closed but there are people outside sitting on the stairs. And I just sit there waiting for the bus. And then people start to take pictures of the big bright moon. It looks too close to us and it’s intriguingly beautiful. So I take pictures of it, too. But something is up in the sky, too. There is a creepy white house floating around. It seems tumbling up and down in the air. People start making commotion. I then run back to the bus stop. I swear I’m supposed to be running but I’m gliding thru air. I’m not quite sure if I am riding on something but all I know is I need to get to the bus stop and get a bus from there.
When I finally arrive, I see people looking at the sky again.  From one, there are now two creepy houses bouncing up in the sky. And then a very loud drilling sound is heard by everyone. The ground starts to crack and a gigantic drilling machine is breaking through it. Water comes from nowhere and every street is now flooded. I hurriedly climb to the building next to the bus stop where I meet my youngest brother. I don’t know why he’s there but my priority now is to get him safe. The building is closed but because of the continuous flooding, the people break in. Me and my brother run to the second floor, this is the part when it’s revealed that the building is actually a train station (like LRT’s or MRT’s). With the hope of the flood subsiding in the morning, people lay on the floor and take rest, so do we.
As I am about to sleep, we hear people screaming from the third floor and most of them are running downstairs. My brother manages to grab me out of the crowd because some sort of monsters, half-human half-wolverine like creatures, are attacking people. An older man approaches up and gives us a sachet of shampoo. He says we need to apply the shampoo to our arms so those monsters won’t be able to smell us. We are confused but we still do so (we manage to cover our arms with only one sachet). Before we can even say thanks to the older man, he gets grabbed by the monster and eaten to dead. My brother and I just run thru bloody crowds of dying people until we’re finally out of the building.
The sun is already up and road is all cleared up. Outside looks normal. We see a group of four people standing outside, facing opposite our directions. One thing stands out, they are all wearing white clothes. We yell and ask them for help but they hold up their knives and run toward us. We have no choice but to run away from them. We run miles and see policemen are teaming with them to hunt the two of us down.
We get to this little community and a very nice family help out and hide us. There we find my other brother and my niece (no reason why they are there). We inform them of what has happened to us but apparently, nobody knows about it, no news of it on TV at all. We send gratitude to the family then decide to go. We’re already kilometers away from the friendly family where we witness the community is slowly being flooded. No one goes out. No one screams for help. It may have been a ghost community after all (oooh goosebumps).
We walk for miles and arrive at a party where we meet with my mother and some relatives. We then have witnessed and celebrated a wedding (I don’t know anything anymore at this point but I still somehow believe everything is real). Everyone stays at the party but because I am tired from all the happenings, I decide to walk home alone. After long walk, I see this big house I need to cross to get to my house. It happens to be my parents’ godfather’s. I find my family in that big house, having dinner (I know.. very weird). The owner invites me to stay over night because apparently my whole family has already agreed to stay that night. I insist to go which they have accepted. I just need to walk through the long dark path to my house….

And then I woke up.

That’s it. I swear I’m not drunk. Okay?


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