Dear 🙂

Today, I’ve accidentally confirmed your sexuality.

I’ve always thought maybe you’re not homosexual. Yet I witnessed you grew to be more the opposite of your gender. You played with kids opposite of your gender. You love things they do. You’re soft and hard at the same time. You’re a snob that also likes drama.
I shrugged it off. Reminded myself “Nope. Impossible”.

And then today happened.

Although, I am still surprised of what I just discovered. I’m happy that you know who you are. You know exactly what you like, not like me who still questions everything about myself including my sexuality. And it is fine if you’re not yet comfortable to come out. You know you will be questioned. Like “Why?” “How?” It’s going to be a big deal, people will make it a big deal. But I want you to know I’m here. You can always talk to me. You can count on me just what I am supposed to.

You are you. Being gay is okay.


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