Not even almost

We lost it“, she’s convincing herself.

You’re not the person I wished to have.
You’re my complete opposite.
You never understood me.

You didn’t get me when I said
“Don’t call me now ’cause I have work tomorrow”.

It meant “Let’s just send each other texts
because I’m not comfortable talking on the phone”.
And the other times we just didn’t connect.

Then I finally told you “I can’t have feelings for you” but I eventually did.

I don’t blame you for it was not your fault.
I was the one who made us insignificant.

I won’t say I want you.
I can’t say that I miss you.
Because what we had was not ideal.
It wasn’t ideal to me.

Yet I constantly catch myself thinking about you.

But I already put the period on our sentence.

And we’ve reached our end.

And then she said, “No. I lost him.


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